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A Real Estate Update For The Nautically-Minded

I love fishing and boating.  Given our currently choppy and uncharted real estate waters, sometimes humor can be the best medicine.   For those who agree, let us set sail.   I’ll be your captain. Unless a turnaround happens soon, 2008 may be the … Continue reading

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Willamette Valley: A Diverse Region

Natural beauty and reasonable commutes are common characteristics found throughout much of the Willamette Valley.  But what about the differences? As elsewhere, differences among Willamette Valley residents often include a divergence in opinion regarding politics and religion, among other topics.  But around here, the presence of such heterogeneous thought is … Continue reading

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Market Update

Sales figures from the Salem-based Willamette Valley Multiple Listing System indicate dramatic market changes compared to last year.  These include:  (1).  Lower average property sales prices.  Selling prices are now approximately 3.4% lower than in 2007.  It’s also important to understand that while … Continue reading

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